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phones, from an fbi standpoint, how many of those phones do you want? >> well, they will want them all. that's what their response will be, and then they will have to organize them. i'll just remind you -- i'll remind you of the boston incidence where initially cops asked everybody, send in your videos, and they have programs now to quickly go through and try to analyze what is good and what is not because they do want that evidence. >> so who has jurisdiction right now? the fbi? or tsa? >> well, the fbi will -- as the chief law enforcement agency charged with terrorism -- if they decide it was a terrorism incident they will grab the jurisdiction. if it turns out to be something of a domestic nature, then i'm sure the local authorities will end up with the large part of the investigation, if you will. >> today being november 1st, is there anything about this particular day in history that would cause authorities to be on high alert? and did you as an fbi agent receive any bulletins from officials higher up saying be on the lookout? >> i didn't see anything myself. and -- and so it appe
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1